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Downtown Atlanta show Bipartisan focuses on how art is made

In mid-February Amanda Platner and Hasani Sahlehe walked into a white room with some prepped meals and 15 buckets of paint. Over the next five days for 16 hours a day, the duo worked in silence, painting the south downtown space (and themselves).
Ross Rossin

“My paintings don’t look like photographs. Photographs look like my paintings.”

Ross Rossin has undoubtedly reached the top tier of American portraiture, commanding prices that can approach six figures. Four of his portraits—of Andrew Young, Morgan Freeman, Hank Aaron, and Maya Angelou—have hung in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. And yet Rossin is largely unknown in Atlanta’s insular arts community—largely by his own choice.
Fever Within Ronald Lockett

At the High Museum’s Ronald Lockett exhibition, outsider art has insider status

Ronald Lockett, a little-known self-taught artist, used found materials and barn metal scraps to create pieces about everything from the Holocaust to his own experience as a black man in the post–civil rights era South. Preserving—and putting a spotlight on—this legacy, and that of other so-called “outsider” artists, has been a priority for the High for more than 20 years.
Condon project

These whimsical animal sculptures at the Roswell library are up for national grant

Atlanta sculptor Chris Condon's whimsical library installation is up for a national grant—determined by popular vote!
Sally King Benedict

Atlanta artist Sally King Benedict’s vivid paintings have a devoted following

Artist Sally King Benedict has earned a national reputation—becoming a favorite of regional publications like Garden & Gun and Southern Living. Online sales of her famous faces series sell out in minutes. She’s also presented solo shows at prestigious galleries. We met at her studio to discuss her inspiration, her work, and how she’s handling all of this success.
Don Coen: The Migrant Series

At the Booth Museum, Don Coen’s portraits humanize an often invisible population

At 10 by 7 feet, the sheer size of Don Coen’s portraits is enough to draw attention, but it’s his subjects—migrant farm laborers—that really stand out.

Walker Evans photography exhibition opens at High Museum of Art

Students of history know that “the one percent” are not an invention of the recession. In the U.S., income inequality flourished at its highest level more than 80 years ago, just before the Great Depression, when Walker Evans was dispatched by the Farm Security Administration to document small-town life and the successes of the New Deal.
Jean-Michel Basquiat High Museum of Art Atlanta

Get a rare glimpse into the mind of Jean-Michel Basquiat at the High Museum

Although he died at just 27 of a heroin overdose in 1988, artist Jean-Michel Basquiat made an outsized impact. The self-taught graffitist and painter was one of the first black artists to dominate the mainstream art world in the 1980s, according to Michael Rooks, managing curator of the High Museum’s current exhibition.

How art therapy helps a Georgia veteran with PTSD

Everywhere Jason Smith turned, it seemed death surrounded him. As a medic in the smoldering battlegrounds of Iraq, he performed CPR on fatally wounded Marines. Back home he was involved in a car wreck that left him with a traumatic brain injury and killed a friend. Before long he began hallucinating.

Atlanta designer Abbey Glass gets artsy with her spring collection

Local designer Abbey Glass chose four of Britt Bass Turner’s paintings—all colorful, dreamy, and abstract—to work from, then created a brand-new pattern for eight spring dresses.

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