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Mayor Reed aims to reconnect Atlanta with Georgia’s agrarian roots

Mayor Kasim Reed has grand ambitions for Atlanta—high-tech incubators, for instance. But his administration has another, more prosaic goal: to reconnect the city with Georgia’s agrarian roots.

Annual fruit tree sale comes with conference

There’s probably not a weekend gardener in the world who hasn’t, at one time or another, gazed at a bare corner of the yard or patio and daydreamed of filling it with a fruiting plant. But what would grow there—apples? Blueberries? Grapes? And don’t fruit trees require special care, or something? The dream goes unfulfilled.

Gardeners, farmers: Click and be counted

How robust is metro Atlanta’s local food scene? The Atlanta Local Food Initiative is trying to find out. Organizers want to count all of the area’s edible food gardens, community gardens, farms, farmers markets, apiaries, henhouses … any place where food is being produced locally, or where local food is being made available to others. And then they hope to compile all that information into a local food inventory report.

Buy a fruit tree, improve the food supply

Just think. If you were to plant a fruit tree (or bush or vine) in your yard, come harvest time you’d have a wonderful treat for your family. If you were to plant two fruit trees, you’d have enough to share with friends and all your neighbors.

Local food in Atlanta? We’ve barely broken ground

By design of their jobs, food writers are constantly trolling for new trends. And in the last few years, Atlanta has caught the “local food” and “farm-to-table” fever raging on both coasts, and the efforts of local chefs and farmer’s markets have been covered amply. It could become easy to start rolling eyes at the now-ubiquitous catch phrases.

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