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Perfection pays when you’re detailing cars—or Air Force One

Perfection pays when you’re detailing cars—or Air Force One

"I started detailing cars full-time in 2003, but I got tired after a few years and decided to stop," says Yasir Waqaar. "As soon as I quit, I had old clients begging me to come back to work on their cars. So I realized detailing must be my calling."
Baton Bob

Bob “Baton Bob” Jamerson on positive vibes and fabulous outfits

Fascinated by majorette routines, Baton Bob got his start twirling a broom handle as a kid. As an adult, he began twirling in public as a way to combat depression. "I started going to this park in exercise gear, with my MP3 player and my baton, to twirl my spirit out of this funk. I had the idea of adding costumes to make people laugh. Once I started doing that and set up a website, I started getting responses from fans and seeing the differences I was making in their day."
An Atlantan shares lessons learned while working the polls

An Atlantan shares lessons learned while working the polls

One of the first things my mom had me do when I graduated from college was get registered to vote and sign up to work the election polls. I remember always going with her to vote. She made sure all her children—all nine of us—were exposed to the process.
The Apiarist: Edward Morgan on rescuing bees and breaking down your fears

The Apiarist: Edward Morgan on rescuing bees and breaking down your fears

No rescue is the same when it comes to bees: They can be anywhere you can imagine, from 30 feet up in a tree to the tarmac of the airport. I think it’s amazing that people call me to rescue bees in the first place. Even though they are terrified, people don’t want to hurt the bees because they know they are good for the environment.
Lieu Nguyen, a refugee from Vietnam, spent three decades—day and night—welcoming others to Atlanta

Mr. Midnight: Lieu Nguyen, a refugee from Vietnam, spent three decades welcoming others to Atlanta

Today, I am a senior refugee referral specialist. Until 2006, I was a case manager, and case managers do everything: come to the rent appointment, help them buy food, help them apply for food stamps, social security card, take them to the health center, to their appointment for the doctor, looking for a job. I cannot tell you how many times I was there at the airport [meeting refugees]. From 1990 to 2000, I only had Saturdays and Sundays not at the airport. Every Friday night, I was in the airport. They called me Mr. Midnight.
Susan Lasby plums West End

The plum lady of West End

The plum tree is a small tree, about 15 feet tall. I’ve never really done anything to or for it. I didn’t know much about gardening or how to prune or fertilize a tree. My modus operandi was just to stick it in the ground, and that was it. But this little tree just grew and grew, and it has been the most incredibly bountiful tree, very quickly, bearing more fruit than anyone could ever possibly eat. Baskets and baskets of plums.
David Bakara Bigfoot

How the founder of Blue Ridge’s bigfoot museum keeps the faith

"It’s part museum, part roadside family attraction. Walk in the door, and there isn’t a quiet place—there’s somebody talking, music, movies, audio of bigfoot talking and screaming," says David Bakara of Expedition: Bigfoot! The Sasquatch Museum. "You have no idea what’s coming around the next corner."
Eby Marshall Slack

Eby Marshall Slack, an original staffer at Atlanta’s iconic Paschal’s restaurant, on building community

"Two brothers brought the community closer. They taught me as a young man to respect other people. They told me to get all of the education you can, and don’t ever look back. Keep going forward, work, and be dedicated to something in life."
Meet the Atlantan who's rescued nearly 1,000 cats from trees

Meet the Atlantan who’s rescued more than 1,000 cats from trees

Atlantan Normer Adams on cat rescue and conquering fears (and starlings)
Jonah McDonald

The intown hiker: Jonah McDonald on appreciating the beauty that is right in front of us

"I discovered that Atlanta had all of these hidden forests and pockets of nature—over 90 hidden forests that were all a short drive from my house. I started compiling them into a book, Hiking Atlanta’s Hidden Forests: Intown and Out."

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