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Mary Moore Makes Her Aunt Edie’s Cheese Biscuits

The spacious kitchen of Mary Moore, founder and CEO of the Cook's Warehouse, in her Oak Grove home is fully equipped with Japanese knives, silicone spatulas, a sous vide water oven, and an electric grain grinder with variable texture control.

Ford Fry’s Jalapeño-Cheddar Fry Bread

Buttery rich yet feathery light, these buns are made from brioche dough that’s remarkably easy with a stand mixer. (It does, however, require advance planning to allow for several risings.)

Grit-Style Chilaquile Casserole

From "The Grit Cookbook" by Jessica Greene and Ted Hafer. Another way to enjoy Grit Pintos or, in a pinch, canned seasoned pinto beans. Ideally, toss on some Grit Salsa just before serving.

Potato Crêpes with Fresh Herb Cheddar Cheese Sauce

From "The Grit Cookbook" by Jessica Greene and Ted Hafer

Tomato Pie

From "Mary Mac's Tea Room" by John Ferrell. Mary Mac's added this dish to the menu in 2009 and it has quickly risen into the top five side dishes ordered. This is, by far, our most requested recipe.

Stuffed Vidalia Onions

From "Savannah Seasons: Food and Stories from Elizabeth on 37th" by Elizabeth Terry

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