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Memories mean more than walls and doors

Memories mean more than walls and doors

I used to envy people who can travel to a particular building or structure that stands as a monument of what they once knew as home—some place familiar and filled with cheery memories. Perhaps the house they grew up in, or the school they attended. A place they can return to and touch and feel. Unfortunately, that is not the case for me.

My kids’ suburban Atlanta childhood is light-years away from mine

My childhood at age seven was nothing like my daughter’s now. My world was defined by fire and brimstone belching from the pulpit at Spring River Assembly of God. I didn’t know a Black person, and I sure as hell didn’t know what a lesbian was—much less consider a happy couple as part of my family.
Why I’m enraptured with Atlanta’s raptors

Why I’m enraptured with Atlanta’s raptors

After 15 years of living beneath Atlanta’s storied tree canopy, the city’s birds of prey still get me every single time. It’s a feeling that goes a bit deeper than sheer novelty, or even fondness. Seeing an owl silently swooping past street lights and power lines, or spotting a hawk circling above the highway, feels extraordinary, almost fake—a welcome visual record scratch ripping across the mundanity of cityscape.

A father and daughter consider the past—and the future—on a road trip through the Mississippi Delta

Drive north on Money Road out of Greenwood, Mississippi, and the town gives way in a hurry to cotton and corn, an occasional house set back from the road.
Life under the elm

My house is not my home. It’s built on my home.

After a year of being stuck at home, I finally realized where home really is.
The magic of minor league baseball Atlanta Braves Gwinnett Stripers

Minor Braves to Major miracles: The magic of following Minor League Baseball

This current crop of Atlanta Braves is very special to my family because we’ve enjoyed them long before they were famous, long before most diehard baseball fans had even heard of them. Ozzie Albies, Austin Riley, Adam Duvall, Freddie Freeman, Max Fried, Charlie Morton—before they were household names, they were Gwinnett Braves or Stripers.

On fall fairs and longing in southeastern Louisiana

When I was a kid, one of the few salves for the end of the summer and the beginning of another long school year was the St. Tammany Parish Fair in Covington, Louisiana. There was always that sense of anticipation and excitement as the weather cooled and eased into fall, the days growing shorter, a feeling that things were changing.
Gita robot

This little droid is designed to haul cargo without a car. But Atlanta’s broken sidewalks prove a challenge.

On a quiet Saturday morning in May, I went for a lovely walk through my neighborhood with my family: my husband, my infant son, and a $3,250 robot named Gita.
pizza for the people

We used our backyard wood-fired brick oven to feed friends and help our community

When my wife, Jo, a pastry chef and professional baker, said she wanted to build a wood-fired brick oven in our backyard to start baking bread and pizzas, I couldn’t see the appeal. There’d be ditch-digging involved, expenses of cement and brick, not to mention all the logs needed for fuel. I went along with the plan anyway.
Anaré Holmes

Firefighters cook dinner for each other every night—but as a rookie in an Atlanta firehouse, I saw the limits of that intimacy

For generations, firefighters have cooked for one another nightly, building camaraderie over shared meals. But I also saw the limits of the connections forged over the firehouse table.

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