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Lazy Betty, Bacchanalia, Hayakawa, and more awarded Michelin Stars

Lazy Betty, Bacchanalia, Hayakawa, and more awarded Michelin Stars

The suspense is over. Atlas, Bacchanalia, Hayakawa, Lazy Betty, and Mujo are officially one Michelin Star restaurants. 45 total restaurants rounded out Atlanta's inaugural Michelin Guide—here's what made the cut.
Atlanta's Filipino food boom

Atlanta’s Filipino food boom

These days, it’s not uncommon to see waves of interest in food from historically underappreciated communities—but it’s also not uncommon to see those waves come and go quickly, the cuisine treated as a temporary fad rather than a durable part of the culinary landscape. Atlanta’s not just having a moment with Filipino food, though; it’s undergoing an awakening.
Best of Atlanta 2020 Food & Drink

Best of Atlanta 2020: Food & Drink

The best of Atlanta's food and drink in 2020, including best new restaurant, new chef, burger, diner, new barbecue, and more.

Filipino restaurant Estrellita is set to open in Grant Park this spring

The restaurant from Hope Webb and Walter Cortado will serve beefsteak, chicken adobo, lumpia, pancit, and bone marrow soup, among many other items.

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