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Stir House downtown

Stir House, a vegan and gluten-free stir fry-spot, opens Downtown

Stir House, a casual stir fry restaurant serving all vegan and gluten-free food, is set to open Downtown May 3 in Fairlie-Poplar. The menu includes both both chef-designed and build-your-own options, with 15 vegetables, five house-made sauces, and several proteins.
What makes a good downtown?

What makes a good downtown?

Darin Givens—cofounder of ThreadATL, a nonprofit advocacy organization that aims to influence city planning and policy—explains why this cross-section of Forsyth and Poplar streets in the Fairlie-Poplar District has it all.

The verdict on 4 new Atlanta restaurants: Supremo Taco, Forza Storico, Le Colonial, Pantry & Provisions

Second-act Italian at Forza Storico, epic sandwiches at The Pantry & Provisions, high-end Vietnamese at Le Colonial, and game-changing tacos at Supremo Taco.

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