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Cascade Road

What determines who gets a grocery store?

Cascade is distinct from nearby locales in that its residents don’t lack fresh food from traditional retailers. I was fascinated to learn that yet another grocer was moving in—even more so when I came across a city-created map of fresh-food options, where that cluster of stores stands in contrast to the rest of Southwest Atlanta, and the other predominantly Black neighborhoods where grocers are few and far between. Why the abundance in Cascade Heights? And how does a Black neighborhood that needs a grocer get one?

FoodRx supplies Good Samaritan patients with farm-fresh produce

A little farm in west Atlanta wants to help spread the gospel of good food to neighbors who may need it the most. The Good Samaritan Health Center in Bankhead recently launched FoodRx, a program that supplies some of the center’s patients with produce from its one-acre urban farm.

Fresh vs. fast food

While food desert analysis focuses on the scarcity of supermarkets, the abundance of fast food is another major public health concern.

Mapping the terrain of Atlanta’s food deserts

The USDA scored every census tract in the country by location of grocery stores and income distribution. Metro Atlanta is no land of plenty.

Maps: A grocery trade imbalance and diet-related deaths in Atlanta

The Food Trust showed supermarket spending disproportionately occurs in northeast Atlanta.

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