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Gene Patterson

Gene Patterson’s papers reveal the stories behind events that forever changed the South

The papers, which Patterson housed at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg for many years, spill over in hundreds of confidential memos, personal letters, comedic repartee with fellow journalists, gossip, and accumulated materials of his estimable life and career.

Editor’s Note: Civics 101

Americans are not, in general, great at remembering history, but in Atlanta, which paves over its history with unnerving regularity, the condition is especially severe.
Great Fire of 1917 Atlanta

The Second Burning of Atlanta

The horses knew exactly what to do. When the alarm sounded, they trotted into their metal chutes, waiting side-by-side until their harnesses dropped from above. As the stable door at Engine Company 7 opened, another alarm blared, and the team galloped out.
Forgotten Atlanta

Where to find remnants of old Atlanta

We haven't completely paved over everything. Here's where to find pieces of Atlanta's history.
Terminal Station Atlanta

Razed in Atlanta: 6 great buildings we lost

More than 40 years ago, aghast citizens successfully petitioned to save the Fox Theatre, but here lie six great buildings that weren’t so lucky.

Will the prisoners who labored to build Atlanta ever be acknowledged?

At its turn-of-the-century peak, Chattahoochee Brick produced up to 300,000 bricks daily, playing a crucial role in the postwar rebuilding of Atlanta. Many Southern farms, mines, and factories thrived on forced convict labor, and Chattahoochee Brick was no exception.
Forgotten Atlanta

Back in the day: Atlanta residents on how their neighborhoods have changed

Longtime residents of West End, Castleberry Hill, Vinings, and Inman Park talk about how the neighborhoods have evolved.

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