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Hundreds of aging Georgia dams sit upstream of homes and major roads—and are in urgent need of upgrade and repair

Georgia is home to the fourth-highest number of dams in the country: over 5,400. These dams dot the state—in backyards, near playgrounds, beside breweries. They are owned by individuals, homeowners associations, and state organizations. Over a third of the riskiest dams in the state are in the metro Atlanta area. Fulton, home to more than 1 million Georgians, has more high-hazard dams in poor condition than nearly any other county in the state.
New City Properties

Is Atlanta losing out on millions of dollars in revenue each year in property taxes?

Local governments rely on property taxes to maintain infrastructure and provide public services—to fill potholes, pay schoolteachers, and build affordable housing. In Atlanta, funds always seem to come up short. Julian Bene—a retired management consultant who served on the board of Invest Atlanta, the city’s economic development agency—believes he knows one reason why: By his estimate, the city, county, and school system are being shorted millions of dollars a year by high-value commercial property owners not paying their fair share in property taxes.
Georgia's 2022 midterm election ballot questions, explained

Georgia’s 2022 midterm election ballot questions, explained

Curious about those ballot questions this midterm? Here’s what they mean, from constitutional amendments to the City of Atlanta special referendum.
Atlanta Press Club Debates Georgia 6th Congressional District

Candidates spar over healthcare, inflation at 6th District Congressional debate, while Lucy McBath skips 7th District debate

The Atlanta Press Club held debates for Georgia's 6th and 7th Congressional Districts on Sunday, where Republican Rich McCormick and Democrat Bob Christian sparred over who could best represent the 6th, and Republican Mark Gonsalves had 15 minutes to himself to discuss his platforms after Democrat Lucy McBath declined to show.
Buckhead secession

When the going gets tough, these Buckhead residents get secession fever

Organizers say the city isn't addressing Buckhead's problems, but opponents say a Buckhead secession could bankrupt Atlanta and send a cold message during a time of renewed focus on equity and race relations.
Richard Barron board votes to fire

Fulton elections board votes to fire Director Rick Barron; fate remains in limbo

Despite support from staff and recent voting improvements, the board of registration and elections blames Director Rick Barron for past election struggles
Fulton County Elections 2020 Election

Inside the battle for Fulton County’s votes

Reporter Johnny Kauffman spent four months embedded in the Fulton County elections department as its staff fought to protect democracy and their own lives—all while the eyes of the world were on Georgia.
It's "duh-CAB," and other things out-of-towners need to know about Atlanta and Georgia

It’s “duh-CAB,” and other things out-of-towners need to know about Atlanta and Georgia

For everyone who will be studying Atlanta, its suburbs, and the rest of the great state of Georgia for the next several weeks, here’s a quick glossary of terms, places, and things you should know. 
Everything you need to know election day Atlanta

Vote! Everything you need to know on Election Day 2020 in Atlanta

Where do I go to vote in Atlanta? Where do I find results? How long will it take to get results in Georgia? How do I get to the polls? This election is an important one—don't miss out.
How is Fulton County preventing an election day disaster?

How is Fulton County preventing an election day disaster?

Voter roll purges, long lines at some precincts, late results. Will the Fulton County and state officials who oversee voter registration and the polls redeem themselves on November 3?

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