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Jane Fonda on Ted Turner’s diagnosis, G-CAPP, and her new HBO documentary

Jane Fonda has a lot to talk about. She’s hosting the annual Empower Party fundraiser Thursday for for G-CAPP, her nonprofit that works to prevent teen pregnancy and promote adolescent health. Friday, she'll host the nonprofit’s first-ever YES: Youth Empowerment Summit. She also discussed Ted Turner’s diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia and her new HBO doc, Jane Fonda in Five Acts.
Jane Fonda 80th Birthday Atlanta

Jane Fonda’s 80th birthday bash raises $1.3 million for teen pregnancy prevention

Back in Atlanta and standing in front of a packed ballroom, Jane Fonda inimitably distilled one of the benefits of turning 80: “People don’t want to grope you!”

Interview: Jane Fonda on her ties to Atlanta, working with Tina Fey, and her new Netflix series

Jane Fonda returned to Atlanta last week, hosting the North American premiere of her new ensemble comedy-drama This is Where I Leave You as a benefit for the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential, the nonprofit she founded in 1995.

Amping up its mission, G-CAPP gets a name change as Jane honors Ted

The woman who has cinematically seduced generations of audiences while floating through space nude in "Barbarella" knew precisely what to do Thursday night when bidding ignited over a trip to her Forked Lightning Ranch in New Mexico during the live auction at EmPower Party, the annual benefit for the Jane Fonda-founded G-CAPP at the Georgia Aquarium downtown.

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