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Thanksgiving Throwback: Check out these vintage photos of Georgia's past turkey days

Thanksgiving Throwback: Check out these vintage photos of Georgia’s past turkey days

The Roosevelts dine in Warm Springs, Georgia Tech takes on Auburn, Joseph E. Lowery helps lead a sit-in protest, and more.

Vietvana rebrands as a coffee house near Georgia Tech

The Square on Fifth Vietvana location near Georgia Tech is changing its business model. Previously touted as a “pho noodle house,” it is shifting its focus to a more casual concept centered on coffee, boba tea, smoothies, and pastries.
Generation Z Georgia’s youngest voters step up to the ballot box

Georgia’s Gen Z voters prepare to step up to the ballot box

There are, at last count, more than 7 million registered voters in Georgia; roughly an eighth of them—more than 800,000—are between the ages of 18 and 24. The state’s youngest voting cohort, all members of Generation Z, is distinct from the rest of the electorate by several measures.
How climate will impact the 2022 elections

Climate change is on the ballot this November—and every elected official in Georgia has a role to play in fighting it

Despite another year of extreme heat, storms, floods, and wildfires, the climate crisis is still a neglected topic in electoral politics. But state leaders, from the governor on down, should be taking action.
Ilya Kaminsky on dissent, war, and resistance

“Poetry now is as necessary as ever.” Ilya Kaminsky on dissent, war, and resistance

A few days after Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, a poem about complacency called “We Lived Happily During the War” went viral. Its opening lines read, "And when they bombed other people’s houses, we protested but not enough, we opposed them but not enough." It’s the first poem from Deaf Republic, which tells the story of people living in an occupied town who begin communicating in sign language to protest the killing of a deaf child. Deaf Republic is the second collection of poetry by Jewish Ukrainian American poet Ilya Kaminsky, who is hard of hearing.
My Style: Le Bon Nosh founder Forough Vakili

My Style: Le Bon Nosh founder Forough Vakili

In 2011, Georgia Tech alum and chemical engineer Forough Vakili could no longer deny her passion for the food industry, so she went to France to attend culinary school. From the beginning, she cared about more than a plate of food.
Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens

The New Mayor: Andre Dickens comes to the job calculating and confident

Andre Dickens is still acquainting himself with his job as mayor of Atlanta. But his mission is clear: Fight crime, produce affordable housing—which, experts say, would help prevent crime—and create good-paying jobs (another noted crime deterrent). Simply put, he must make Atlanta safer and more equitable.
Georgia State University

What the heck is going on in Georgia higher ed?

From Sonny Perdue’s chancellorship to the end of tenure as we know it, here’s a look at the recent controversies affecting Georgia’s public colleges and universities and where everything stands right now.
How the Board of Regents pulls the strings at Georgia’s colleges and universities

How the Board of Regents pulls the strings at Georgia’s colleges and universities

Who controls Georgia colleges and universities? It’s not the university presidents. The buck stops with the Board of Regents.
Atlanta's new way class of 2021

60 Voices: 2021 graduates of all ages on what they think of Atlanta—and their hopes for the future

We talked to graduates—from kindergarten to graduate school—to see what they think of the city now and their hopes for our future

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