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Quincey Patterson BankHead Priest

Is there room for longtime residents in “that new Atlanta”?

With a marquee greenspace, a planned Microsoft campus, and other flashy new developments, Grove Park and Bankhead are ground zero for Atlanta gentrification. What happens to the people who are already there?
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic

Tasteless beginnings in Grove Park

Edwin Wiley Grove lost a wife and a child to malaria, inspiring him to create a “tasteless” treatment for the disease that contained quinine but sought to counteract quinine’s bitter flavor. It was in fact not tasteless but sweetened and lemon-flavored, and reputedly disgusting. By 1890, Grove’s tonic was apparently selling more bottles than Coca-Cola, in spite—or because?—of a chimeric ad campaign depicting the head of a baby affixed to the body of a pig: GROVE’S TASTELESS CHILL TONIC, it says. MAKES CHILDREN AND ADULTS AS FAT AS PIGS. Bottoms up.

Where—and how—Atlantans want to live now

The pandemic changed everything. We've never thought more about how and where we want to live—and how we can make room for everyone. What are the options now in metro Atlanta?
Everything you need to know about Atlanta's Westside Park

Everything you need to know about Atlanta’s new Westside Park

From getting there to the best trails and amenities, here are some tips for visiting Atlanta’s newest park.
Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail Extension

Route unveiled to extend Atlanta BeltLine into more west side neighborhoods

The BeltLine section that now bends through neighborhoods such as Adair Park, West End, and Westview is making strides to become significantly longer. Exactly which route the Westside Trail might take as it grows toward the 22-mile loop’s eventual top end in Buckhead is becoming clearer, too.
Rebuilding Bankhead

Rebuilding Bankhead: How an effort to revive Grove Park aims to not leave residents behind

Long neglected by developers and city planners, Grove Park’s turn in the gentrification spotlight is attributable to its proximity not just to downtown but also to some of the most ambitious green-space initiatives in Atlanta’s history. But an effort is underway to ensure Grove Park’s transformation doesn't come at the cost of its longtime residents.

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