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Atlanta BeltLine

It’s the best time to be an Atlantan. It might also be the worst.

In the city's constant compulsion to reinvent itself, it lost an important part of itself instead.

Georgia lawmakers say casinos could save the HOPE scholarship. Is the fix already in?

Using HOPE’s instability as justification, casino advocates last year resurrected efforts to change gambling laws. MGM Resorts International hired an army of 16 lobbyists to drum up support, emphasizing that Georgians already spend an estimated $346 million each year rolling the dice in nearby states.
MGM National Harbor

How Georgia’s gambling laws could be expanded

Casino lobbyists, making their strongest push in recent memory, earlier this week made overtures to state lawmakers during a study committee to examine at how legalized gambling could be used to increase education spending.

Rep. Stacey Evans: ‘The HOPE grant should equal full tuition’

In a recent interview, Rep. Evans chatted with us about how she would like to see the scholarship program retooled, the potential role of casinos in shoring up the state’s academic scholarship program, and why the state would benefit from providing some students with needs-based aid.

HOPE Scholarship: Our recommendation

The HOPE Scholarship is sure to be a hotly debated issue in this year’s elections, so we’re uniting to make one central suggestion: Why not abolish the Zell Miller Scholarship?

Special report: HOPE Scholarship at 20

When the first HOPE scholars were freshmen twenty years ago, Georgia’s scholarship program looked very different from today. It covered two years of tuition at any public college in Georgia for B students whose household income was $66,000 or less.

If you don’t play the lottery, does your kid deserve HOPE?

Lottery tickets are not a big line item in our household budget. We have a tradition of buying scratch-and-win tickets for everyone who joins us at Christmas Eve dinner. No one remembers quite how this ritual started, but it seems to have phased in around the time we were phasing out Santa. Perhaps we replaced dreams of sugar plums with fantasies of hitting the jackpot. In any case, this holiday custom sets us back about $25. And of course, whenever there’s a huge Powerball prize at stake, I fork over five or ten bucks for the pool at work, unable resist the enthusiasm of our office manager, Mary Lyon, who talks about her plans to buy a villa in Tuscany. So, on average, I chip in thirty or forty dollars a year to the Georgia Lottery revenue stream.

Can You Count on HOPE?

How many powerball tickets does it take to send one HOPE scholar to the University of Georgia? More than 12,000 a year. With 97 percent of UGA freshmen qualifying, that's a lot of mini-mart runs.
Zell Miller goodbye

From the Archives: Saying goodbye to Zell Miller, the man who says goodbye best

In our December 1998 issue, we profiled Zell Miller as he prepared to leave the Governor's Mansion, and described how he had a particular knack for giving a good eulogy.

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