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What’s inspiring Colordrunk Designs founder Jenna Buck Gross right now

As the founder of Colordrunk Designs, it’s no surprise she reaches for all things bright, bubbly, and fun. Here’s what’s inspiring her now.
Jenna Buck Gross

Jenna Buck Gross

"I'm certainly not afraid of pattern!" exclaims Jenna Buck Gross. Nor is she afraid of color, hence the name of her Decatur-based firm: Colordrunk.

Colordrunk: Designer Jenna Buck Gross never met a hue she didn’t like

The 1980s-era house Jenna Buck Gross and her husband, Caleb, purchased in Decatur didn’t quite have the architectural charm of older bungalows on the street, so they gave it a two-part makeover: First, tear down some walls, add molding, and redo the floors and kitchen; then make the whole house come alive with color.

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