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Tsamma watermelon juice

Life Hack: Tsamma watermelon juice makes a great cocktail mixer

“The dangerous thing about Tsamma is that there’s not an alcohol on the planet that doesn’t mix well with it,” says founder Sarah Frey-Talley.

Newfangled nutrition: Chuice chewable juice

Bottling out of Atlantic Station since 2013, Chuice (that’s short for “chewable juice”) seems poised to capitalize on the popularity of both juice cleanses and meal replacements like Soylent.
Rawesome Juicery

Juice Bar: Rawesome Juicery

For a neighborhood that has always been short on healthy food choices, the affordable cold-pressed juices and smoothies at this stripped-down Sweet Auburn Curb Market outlet are a refreshing change of pace.

3 healthy Atlanta lunch spots

Enjoy a healthy meal and order juices, salads, wraps, and more at these three Atlanta restaurants.

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