Life Hack: Tsamma watermelon juice makes a great cocktail mixer

Pro tip: Freeze the juice to create a slushy drink
Tsamma watermelon juice
Photograph by Savanna Sturkie

If your summer has been sadly void of watermelon-based cocktails, there’s an easy fix: Tsamma watermelon juice. “The dangerous thing about Tsamma is that there’s not an alcohol on the planet that doesn’t mix well with it,” says founder Sarah Frey-Talley. Her tip: Freeze the juice to create a slushy drink. In early to mid-summer, much of Frey-Talley’s watermelon supply comes from South Georgia and Florida. The juice is processed in Florida and shipped to stores within a few days of harvest. Available in Atlanta-area Krogers and Fresh Markets, $2.99 for 12 ounces.