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Do-good disposal system: Compostwheels

The idea: Conserve your food scraps, and Compostwheels will pick them up and turn them into nutrient-rich soil that they then deliver to nearby farms. That means less food waste going to local landfills and more local food production.

Local Roots app delivers fresh produce, goods from Georgia farms, artisans to your door

If you’ve ever used Instacart for its convenience and bought a CSA share for its local quality, Local Roots is for you. With a clean and streamline interface, the app allows users to select farms or stores within 50 miles of Atlanta from which they can order produce, cold-pressed juices, handmade soaps, and freshly baked cookies.

A guide to Atlanta’s winter farmers markets

With approximately 40 farmers markets planted across metro Atlanta, farmers are doing whatever they can to win over customers, including extending their operating season beyond October. So before you start digging for cans in your pantry, here are a few alternatives.

Urban beekeeping on the rise

If it seems that the buzz around bees has picked up volume, that’s because it has. According to the USDA, bees help pollinate one-third of all our food, but recently, a mysterious and destructive honeybee disease called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has been wiping out record numbers of hives across the U.S. Although CCD is a common phenomonom, scientists can't explain why it's increasing at such a devastating rate.

Atlanta Food Lovers Guide

Think of our A(TL) to Z index as your essential shopping list.

Georgia Tech named 8th greenest campus

All those smarties at Georgia Tech are keeping the Earth green and maybe themselves healthier in the process. The university was No. 8 on Sierra Magazine’s “Cool Schools” list of America’s greenest campuses.

New Decatur market’s success depends on the locals

If there were ever a community that ought to have a big, bustling farmers market, it is Decatur. After all, this is a town filled with granola-crunching college professors, health-happy researchers from nearby Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, artists and authors, aging hippies and younger hipsters.

May 2013

Here’s one more thing about Serenbe: It’s a USDA-certified organic farm, one of just sixty-seven in the state of Georgia as of last summer, according to Georgia Organics. All together, those farms operate 5,271 certified organic acres. While that represents a mere one-twentieth of one percent of Georgia’s overall agricultural acres, it’s worth recognizing. Being certified organic is more than just promising not to spray chemical insecticide over your crops: It demands a huge commitment of time, as organic farmers must be diligent as bookkeepers in recording harvests, soil health, mulch applications, seed sourcing, you name it.

Farmers markets open in droves

This is a big week for local food lovers, with several farmers markets opening for the season—and a few other events sprinkled in as well. Here’s a quick run-down:

Sparta’s growing mushroom empire

In a cotton warehouse–turned–furniture factory in Sparta—a town almost equidistant between Atlanta, Augusta, and Macon—stand two long greenhouse frames encased in a double layer of thick plastic.

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