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Heartbreak on deck

I’m a sucker for puppies. But I’m not as bad as my friend Kate, who stopped traffic on I-75 in order to scoot a possum to safety from the center lane. To Kate, even possums are puppies. I get it.

Single in the City

Crunching census data, cost-of-living figures, and quality-of-life metrics, the Daily Beast ranked Atlanta number one on its list of “Best Cities to Find a Date in 2012.” But—with all due respect to statisticians—we turned to the real experts: actual single Atlantans.

Weathered Love

Lary’s in love, and I’ve decided this is a sign of something positive. For one, Lary is a hundred years old, give or take a couple quarter centuries. I met him twenty years ago at, oddly, a church wedding.

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