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Georgia Jellyfish

The case for eating Georgia “jellyballs”

Cannonball jellyfish—a smaller cousin of the feared shore demon but harmless to humans—is Georgia’s third largest fishery by volume. They're popular in Asia; less so here in Atlanta. This fall, a collaboration launches between Golden Island International, the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service, and southern chefs with the intent to increase domestic sales of jellyfish beyond Asian markets and sushi restaurants.
Watershed on Peachtree

The new Watershed will offer a $350 French fry plate

Watershed on Peachtree's new chef and owner Matt Marcus is taking the restaurant in a different direction, with dishes like Georgia jellyfish, fried chicken and Cajun caviar, and a $350 plate of French fries served with a bottle of Krug Brut Rosé.
Zeb Stevenson out at Watershed

For chef Zeb Stevenson, a new vegetable-forward restaurant is taking shape

With Watershed sold to chef Matt Marcus last week, chef Zeb Stevenson and former Watershed owner Ross Jones are working on a brand new, vegetable-driven restaurant that Stevenson describes as “a little irreverent” and “free-spirited."

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