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The source of violent crime in Atlanta isn’t mysterious: It’s desperation

The source of violent crime in Atlanta isn’t mysterious: It’s desperation, born by inequality.

We just need to be willing to see it, writes George Chidi.
Tex McIver verdict

In nearly every way, the Tex McIver verdict is confounding

Acquitting Tex McIver of malice murder meant the state had not proven that he had planned to kill his wife Diane. But convicting him of aggravated assault meant he had intended to shoot her.

Relentless: Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills chases a killer

The best Howard Sills could remember, there hadn’t been a double homicide in Putnam County since May 1984, 30 years earlier. In minutes, the mood inside the lake house swung from wild intensity to who the hell did this? This, the sheriff told himself, ain’t local talent.

Andrea Sneiderman sentenced

Today the trial of Andrea Sneiderman ended where it began—on the witness stand of Courtroom 5-D at the DeKalb County Courthouse. There clad in jailhouse orange, she sobbed and begged Superior Court Judge Gregory Adams for leniency: “Please let me go home.”

My Brother’s Keeper

It was a bright weekday in mid-September and the Cormier boys—thirty-one years old, identical twins, best friends, incorrigible malcontents—were coming home. Their sixty-two-year-old father looked out his living room window as a U-Haul rumbled into the gravel drive.

Sara’s Story

Sara Ambrusko saw him on the evening news. Fredric Tokars was a junior prosecutor assisting in a murder trial — the gruesome slaying of an Atlanta attorney by his lover.

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