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My South: Fox Sports Broadcaster Erin Andrews on Tampa

I had a great childhood in Tampa, but I think I really developed an appreciation for the city after I moved away. I just love the low-key, super-chill vibe of it all. It’s totally different from what you get in Miami Beach or Fort Lauderdale, let alone what I experience living in Los Angeles.

My South: Brat Packer Andrew McCarthy on Atlanta

The actor, director, and author shares his favorite spots around the city, from Midtown to Virginia-Highland.

My South: Comedian Fortune Feimster on Belmont, North Carolina

Growing up in Belmont, I couldn’t wait to get out. It was small. We were a dry county, so we couldn’t even get a chain restaurant to open there. My friends and I hung out in a church parking lot and jogged up and down the street for fun.

My South: Kristin Chenoweth on Nashville

When I was 19, I spent the summer in Nashville working in a show for Opryland theme park. I grew up in a tiny town called Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, so getting the chance to sing and dance for months with live musicians in front of a lot of people was my heaven.

My South: Actor Brian Tyree Henry on Helen, Georgia

The star of FX’s Atlanta shares why he loves the Alpine village—and where to find his favorite socks.

My South: Actor Leslie Jordan on Savannah

"I rarely take vacations because I work so much, but I learned a long time ago that a lovely way to travel is on somebody else’s dime—even if you have to act for the camera a little."

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