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King of Pops sends elves to deliver Christmas trees to your door

King of Pops has its own farm, a bar, and of course, numerous pop stands. But perhaps their most fun concept of all is their Christmas tree delivery service, Tree Elves, now entering its fifth year in business.

King of Pops founders open a mini farmers market at Ponce City Market

The King of Pops founders, brothers Steven and Nick Carse, are at it again. The cocktail-slinging, Christmas tree-selling, crop-growing popsicle makers are opening a mini farmers market called the King of Crops Farm Stand at Ponce City Market on Saturday.

What’s the worst popsicle King of Pops has ever made?

King of Pops CEO and cofounder Steven Carse talks about crazy customers, yoga, and Jennifer Lawrence.

King of Pops is creating a “dessert alley”

Popsicle-prenuers Steven and Nick Carse are working on building a “dessert alley” in Inman Park or Old 4th Ward that will sell sweet treats and coffee. The men behind King of Pops say that they haven't signed any leases (they're working on it), but they have been busy testing recipes. They hope to open in April 2015.

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