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This Southern-crafted oil is a secret weapon in the arsenals of Atlanta chefs

Oliver Farm's okra-seed oil is used by chefs such as Steven Satterfield of Miller Union, Ryan Smith of Staplehouse, and Maricela Vega of 8Arm. “It blows my mind,” says Smith.

Shrimp and Green Tomato Gumbo

From "New Southern Kitchen: Traditional Flavors for Contemporary Cooks" by Damon Lee Fowler. Here are most of the traditional ingredients of a good seafood gumbo, but with a twist: green tomatoes replace the usual ripe ones.

Roasted Curried Okra

Inspired by Indian cuisine, this simple recipe offers a low-fat, spicy alternative to deep-fried okra.

Georgia Gumbo

From "Southern Cooking" by Mrs. S.R. Dull

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