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Ryokou Omakase aims to take diners on a journey across Japan

Located less than a five-minute drive from Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a mixed-use development called Abrams Fixtures promises lofts, offices, and of course, restaurants. One of the first eateries to be announced is Ryokou Omakase, slated to open this summer. Ryokou means journey or trip in Japanese, and that is exactly what chef Paul Gutting wants diners to do when they visit.
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Review: Omakase, y'all! Taking stock of Atlanta's latest fancy sushi spots

Review: Omakase, y’all! Taking stock of Atlanta’s latest fancy sushi spots

In recent years, omakase around these parts has morphed into something more like a prix fixe dinner, featuring a tasting menu with sometimes as many as 22 courses. Atlanta now has at least three dedicated omakase restaurants, all within striking distance from one another on or near Howell Mill Road. More are on the way.

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