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How my mother’s clutter helped me get to know her better

How my mother’s clutter helped me get to know her better

This may sound odd, but as Mother’s Day approaches, I would like to offer a few words in support of pack rats—those governed by the impulse to squirrel away, in drawers and closets and under beds, the minutiae of one’s life. Yes, it can be done to excess. No doubt many of you, after emptying the home of a dead relative, have vowed never to bequeath that chore to those you leave behind. But decluttering can be insidious as well.
Kefi Atlanta kids play space

I liked Kefi, Buckhead’s new kids’ play space, more than my 3-year-old did

Kefi, which opened in Atlanta in August, promises to “rearrange play” by creating “magical, wonderous, amazing spaces” for kids, alongside quiet areas for adults. Does it truly re-invent the play space? Here's what you need to know before you go.

7 tips for millennial parents

For those thinking of having kids, we asked millennial parents for tips on surviving financially while maintaining a social life.

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