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Bankhead Seafood

The rebirth of Bankhead Seafood

Rappers Killer Mike and T.I. are angling to bring back the hallowed restaurant, which served fish “so darn good it blocked traffic on Fridays.” It will reopen in a rapidly changing neighborhood.
Quincey Patterson BankHead Priest

Is there room for longtime residents in “that new Atlanta”?

With a marquee greenspace, a planned Microsoft campus, and other flashy new developments, Grove Park and Bankhead are ground zero for Atlanta gentrification. What happens to the people who are already there?
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic

Tasteless beginnings in Grove Park

Edwin Wiley Grove lost a wife and a child to malaria, inspiring him to create a “tasteless” treatment for the disease that contained quinine but sought to counteract quinine’s bitter flavor. It was in fact not tasteless but sweetened and lemon-flavored, and reputedly disgusting. By 1890, Grove’s tonic was apparently selling more bottles than Coca-Cola, in spite—or because?—of a chimeric ad campaign depicting the head of a baby affixed to the body of a pig: GROVE’S TASTELESS CHILL TONIC, it says. MAKES CHILDREN AND ADULTS AS FAT AS PIGS. Bottoms up.
West Paces Ferry Atlanta

A man, a plan, a canal … Atlanta!

Originally named Terminus, the Georgia capital was a railroad town that became an automobile town. Did we miss an opportunity to become the Venice of the Southeast?
Cascade Road

What determines who gets a grocery store?

Cascade is distinct from nearby locales in that its residents don’t lack fresh food from traditional retailers. I was fascinated to learn that yet another grocer was moving in—even more so when I came across a city-created map of fresh-food options, where that cluster of stores stands in contrast to the rest of Southwest Atlanta, and the other predominantly Black neighborhoods where grocers are few and far between. Why the abundance in Cascade Heights? And how does a Black neighborhood that needs a grocer get one?
What’s the worst street in Atlanta (and why is it DeKalb Avenue)?

What’s the worst street in Atlanta (and why is it DeKalb Avenue)?

“It’s been a hated road since its conception,” says Serena McCracken, a research manager at the Atlanta History Center, speaking about—well, go ahead and guess.
Edgewood Avenue Atlanta

What’s the most Atlanta street?

Edgewood vs. Moreland: Two writers argue their case for which street is more uniquely Atlanta.
One night at Northside Tavern

One night at Northside Tavern

Amid a landscape of shiny new “West Midtown” development, a shabby old blues club is an oasis of old-school debauchery.
Cleveland Avenue

Raised on Bleveland

In the news recently for its links to gang violence, Cleveland Avenue could represent much more than that. It just needs a little push.
Ponce de Leon Parkway Olmsted Linear Park

Atlanta’s greenest parkway is more relevant than ever

Widely recognized as the father of landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted is best known for designing landmarks like Central Park, the U.S. Capitol grounds, and Biltmore Estate. In Atlanta, he designed a series of six linear parks along “Ponce de Leon Parkway” for the new residential development of Druid Hills.

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