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Atlanta’s Swan House featured on TCM in memoriam

Our hometown film treasury, Turner Classic Movies, produces an annual music-video tribute to lost stars of stage and screen, which is eagerly anticipated by cinephiles worldwide. This year "TCM Remembers" was shot at the Swan House, centerpiece of the Atlanta History Center.

Starlight Drive In has starring role in this year’s TCM Remembers tribute

This month, movie fans around the world are being introduced to the delights of Atlanta's landmark Starlight Drive In via Turner Classic Movie's annual "TCM Remembers" tribute film honoring those in the film industry who passed away in 2012. The drive in's Moreland Avenue marquee, six screens, projection room, snack bar and even the drive in's blue raspberry and strawberry slushy machines all have starring roles in the 5 minute and 37 second tribute.

Honoring Hollywood’s departed: The art of creating TCM Remembers

For classic movie aficionados, it may be the most crucial 4 minutes and fifty seven seconds of programming Turner Classic Movies airs all year. Each December, the Atlanta-based basic cable celluloid wonderland debuts its annual TCM Remembers in memoriam tribute to the Hollywood stars both big and small who have died over the past 12 months. The remembrance airs between films on the channel through Jan. 1. The artfully created clip reels are so beloved, film fans routinely upload them to share with each other on YouTube. Then they search online to determine the music used as the soundtrack to the piece, wait breathlessly to see which fallen star is assigned the solitary piece of dialogue in each tribute and who has been given the coveted final fade out position in the piece. The tribute is so highly regarded by film fans that many gripe on message boards that the producers of the annual Academy Awards’ often-botched In Memoriam piece could learn from the TCM Remembers production team.

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