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A revitalized Chattanooga hotel, set inside a restored train station

Formerly a bustling turn-of-the-century train terminal, the Chattanooga Choo Choo has delighted visitors with its Beaux Arts–style grand entrance and unique railroad-themed accommodations since opening as a hotel in 1973. But after 50 years, it was time for a $19 million makeover: Enter the reimagined Hotel Chalet at the Choo Choo.

Southall Farm & Inn offers an idyllic escape that emphasizes sustainability

Spanning 325 bucolic acres, the luxury retreat is powered by a sustainable working farm in Franklin, Tennessee. Perched on the hillsides among the trees are 16 cozy cottages with porches overlooking the lake and 62-room main inn.

One City, Three Ways: Memphis, Tennessee

Years of revitalization efforts have driven a cultural rebirth visitors will enjoy whether they’re visiting Memphis for the barbecue, the blues, or the King of Rock and Roll.

Well Served: E.J. Lagasse takes the reins at his father’s flagship restaurant

Plus other foodie news, including multicourse dining in Amelia Island, cocoa–inspired experiences in Elizabeth City, and new and noteworthy eats from across the Southeast.

Dolly Parton has big plans for her hometown destination

Dolly Parton is tired. But you only know it because she admits it if you ask. Her smile is the shape of a crescent, and her eyes never leave yours when she speaks. “It’ll...

A hearty, vegan dish that showcases the best of fall flavors

Fresh produce plays a starring role in this hearth-roasted cabbage entree, served with agrodulce and squash puree.

By Design: 36 of the South’s architectural wonders

As much as we love the South's quintessential clapboard churches and stately mansions, our appreciation of Southern architecture extends beyond the classics. We‘ve combed the region for noteworthy structures, from historical masterpieces like Thomas Jefferson‘s Palladian Monticello to modern marvels like the breezy, zero-energy McDonald‘s Florida flagship (yes, McDonald’s).

Three stunning hotels across the Southeast worth checking into

A short list of the best new places to stay, including glamorous yurts, polished inns, and the largest treehouse resort in the world.

Out of Africa: Nashville, Tennessee’s Downtown Presbyterian Church

In Nashville, country music is religion, and while famed concert halls like the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry may draw more disciples than this historic house of worship, the city’s Downtown Presbyterian Church—just a two-minute walk from the Ryman—is an icon in its own right.

Always in Season: A closer look at the Lodge Cast Iron skillet

Discover the origins of this Southern kitchen essential

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