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10 things to know before you try metro Atlanta’s first Whataburger

10 things to know before you try metro Atlanta’s first Whataburger

Two weeks ago, metro Atlanta welcomed its first of many Whataburger locations slated to open in the coming year. Immediately, it was slammed with fans of the Texas-based franchise who braved hours-long lines for the fast food burger. If you're thinking of braving the line, here are the items you should absolutely order.

The Texans are coming: Why you should be excited for Buc-ee’s and Alamo Drafthouse

Prepare yourselves, Georgia. The state is getting its first locations of beloved Texas businesses Buc-ee's, a massive gas station with impeccable bathrooms and unique snacks, and Alamo Drafthouse, one of the most-loved movie theater chains in the country.

5 essential Texan foods for your Super Bowl tailgate party in Houston

Going to Houston this weekend for Super Bowl LI? When in Texas, do as the Texans do. Upgrade your tailgate with these five local foods.

Fly Southwest Airlines three times and your buddy flies free. We did it for under $300.

With low prices from Atlanta to commemorate Southwest’s finalized acquisition of AirTran and cheap fares out of Dallas marking the end of the Wright Amendment, I had the perfect bargain storm. I spent roughly $45 for each of six flights—and earned a companion pass for the low cost of $270.60.

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