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  • How to decode Atlanta movie production signs

    Or, what do "Ramsey," "T9," and "Mineral" really stand for?

    As you may have guessed, studios don’t exactly want gawkers around a shoot. But every frame of your favorite film or show requires hundreds of people. How do you direct your cast and crew to a locale while simultaneously keeping others away? The answer is simple: code words. Read More
  • Video of the Day: The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer

    Is Rick going to lose his roots?

    Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse. In four seasons of The Walking Dead, Sheriff Rick lost his society, his best friend, his wife, his infant daughter (for a while), his razor, and then his freedom in an apparently cannibalistic Terminus. Now it appears he’s about to loose his roots. Read More
  • What's been filming in Atlanta this summer?

    An update on which movie and TV crews are disrupting your commute.

    By now, it's well established that Atlanta is the “Hollywood of the South” (or “Y’allywood,” if you will). While it used to be exciting to see a film crew, we’re all getting a little jaded, and when we spot those yellow signs tacked to phone poles and hanging off buildings directing crews and stars to a location, we start to lament that it means street closings and extra traffic. But do you know what production is to blame for making you late to work? Here’s a roundup of what’s shooting around town this summer. Adjust your commute accordingly. Read More
  • Video of the Day: The Walking Dead as an 80s sitcom

    We totally see Rick as a comedy lead. But why keep Lori around?

    The Walking Dead already has been given the House of Cards treatment, so it's inevitable that a total mood-swing parody would follow. Matin Comedy envisions TWD as a Full House-esque 1980s sitcom.

    For those of us who still first think of Andrew Lincoln as the hopelessly smitten gallery guy in Love Actually (and I know I'm not the only one) the thought of Rick as a lovable comedy lead makes total sense. My main kvetch with this perky send up is the excessive screen time allocated to Lori. Really? Read More
  • Video of the Day: Daryl and Rick don kimonos for Japanese Walking Dead promo

    This quirky Fox Japan ad is a must-watch

    In what has to be the most bizarre promo ever for everyone's favorite zombie drama The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick) don kimonos to comfort Japanese fans during the a show hiatus, complete with props. Read More

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True Bromance
On "The Walking Dead," AMC’s megahit series filmed in Georgia, no one is safe from the zombie horde. Not even, we fear, its two biggest stars, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. The two pals talk about Atlanta food, roadkill, crazy fans, and how it all could end at any time.
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