13. BoccaLupo

50 best restaurants in Atlanta
Boccalupo’s black spaghetti with hot sausage, red shrimp, and scallions

Photograph by Greg Dupree

Here’s what the ideal neighborhood restaurant looks like: a T-shirt–friendly dress code; impeccable, often surprising food; and bartenders who shake cocktails as well as they recommend wine pairings. You’ll find all of that at Bruce Logue’s pasta bungalow, where Old World Italian staples get New World makeovers. Think pan-fried wedges of lasagna, thin chicken liver ravioli, and 20-yolk tagliatelle tossed with butter and kimchi. A skewer of grilled octopus and mortadella over Marsala-scented field peas is one of the city’s best appetizers.

753 Edgewood Avenue, 404-577-2332, boccalupoatl.com

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