Watch Blondie’s famous routine at the Clermont Lounge


Ponce de Leon Avenue might be quickly shedding its grit—the so-called “Murder Kroger” is no more and two homeless shelters have shuttered—but this world-famous strip club lives on. No tour of Ponce is complete without paying respects to Blondie as she crushes Pabst Blue Ribbon cans in her inimitable style. Bikers, hipsters, and writers of bucket lists across the city feared the basement dive would go white-linen respectable when a Nashville-based developer announced plans to turn the long-defunct Clermont Hotel above into a boutique lodging establishment, but fears were put to rest—and the regulars’ patience rewarded—when the club reopened in September 2017 after a nearly nine-month renovation. The times have changed but the lounge (thankfully) remains the same. 789 Ponce De Leon Avenue, 404-874-4783

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