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Atlanta coronavirus updates

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Saturday, March 21

On Friday, confirmed COVID-19 cases continued to surge, Mayor Bottoms allowed beer and wine to-go sales, and Madea even issued a plea for social distancing. Here’s your Saturday morning update.
50 Best Bars in Atlanta

17. Clermont Lounge

Complain all you want about the hipster hordes; the Lounge—with its duct-taped bar, unconventional strippers, and $3.50 PBRs—endures as a stubborn piece of authenticity in a world gone plastic.

For the Love of Ponce

Perhaps more than any stretch of pavement in the city, the expanse of Ponce de Leon Avenue between Mary Mac’s Tea Room and the Majestic Diner possesses the historic charm, the culinary creativity, and the total weirdness that makes Atlanta, well, Atlanta. Our ode to Ponce.
Ode to Blondie Tiny Lou's Clermont Hotel

Tiny Lou’s pastry chef Claudia Martinez crafts an “Ode” to the Clermont Lounge dancer Blondie

Claudia Martinez, formerly of Atlas, Umi, and Restaurant Eugene, will lead the dessert program for the Clermont Hotel, including restaurant Tiny Lou's. The pastry menu is inspired by the history and folklore of the Clermont and includes an "Ode to Blondie."
50 Best Things to Do in Atlanta

Watch Blondie’s famous routine at the Clermont Lounge

No tour of Ponce is complete without paying respects to Blondie as she crushes Pabst Blue Ribbon cans in her inimitable style.

Blondie Strange as the face of our city?

When Reconstruction-era booster Henry Grady first extolled the “New South,” did he envision Blondie Strange as the “face of Atlanta,” or would the sight of her dolled up as a belle in pearls and white gloves give him the vapors?

Pop star Pink parties at Clermont Lounge

Singer/songwriter/death-defying aerialist Pink surprised everyone Thursday night when she showed up at famed Atlanta dive bar landmark the Clermont Lounge. The pop star is scheduled to bring her "The Truth About Love" tour to Philips Arena tonight.

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