Atlanta Magazine’s July 2022 Issue

A note from Sean McGinnis, President & Publisher:

One of the most popular issues of the year, our Annual Atlanta Magazine Top Doctors issue, is here! This year’s list of Atlanta Magazine Top Doctors includes over 1,000 doctors in 69 specialties; this is our largest selection yet. We invite you to read the inspiring stories from the healthcare front lines, told by those who make healing their livelihoods. And, you’ll want to keep this issue around for reference all year long.

Speaking of inspiration, our issue also tells the story of Ilya Kaminsky, whose poem about complacency went viral a few days after Russia invaded Ukraine. Being Ukrainian himself, Kaminsky describes how poetry helps express the emotions of witnessing war in his homeland. He beautifully describes words as something to hold onto when it seems you have nothing else. This is an eye-opening piece that gives readers the chance to see war through a poet’s eyes.

What is your favorite fermented food? Several things may come to mind when you think of fermentation – perhaps pickles, kombucha, or beer. However, there is so much more exploration that goes on in the process of making these creations along with an entire community behind it. Read more of this surprising feature and learn how the most imperative part of fermenting is collaborating with living beings – both with the organisms living on the food and the community mindset one develops along the way.

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