8. Zeigler’s BBQ


I take such pleasure in schlepping barbecue-loving friends up I-75 to Acworth for a rack of Zeigler’s ribs. Like me on my first visit, their brows raise and their eyes widen, and then they fall silent and attack with animal greed. Taut, clean-flavored, and smoked to a blushing pink, these babies need no sauce. They are the best I’ve had in the metro area. Other standouts include the moist, aromatically charred chicken and a refreshing apple slaw. Their superiority makes the rest of the menu a slight letdown: Pulled pork has come out looking withered on more than one occasion, and other sides (mac and cheese, spicy corn nuggets, fried pickles) need refining to make them memorable. But don’t let that be a discouragement; the ribs alone are worth the trek. 3451 Cobb Parkway, Acworth, 770-529-5227, zeiglersbbq.com

This article originally appeared in our May 2013 issue.