Octane Coffee & The Little Tart Bakeshop


The second location for the city’s premiere java slingers and a bakery start-up that first earned loyalists at local farmers markets share a space in the back of Grant Park’s
Jane building across from Oakland Cemetery. So much morning light pours into the airy space that regulars know to walk in wearing sunglasses. On the Octane side, barista Dustin Mattson moves with tai chi fluidity as he pulls smooth espressos, macchiatos, and cappuccinos while also brewing pour-over cups made with single-origin beans. Across the room, Little Tart’s case beckons with an ever-changing array of buttery croissants, Danishes, turnovers, and sweet and savory scones. Conveniently, you can request your coffee and pastry simultaneously at the counter.

ORDER THIS: Granola with yogurt and seasonal fruit (recently cinnamon apples); bacon-cheddar scone; the crispest, lightest plain croissant you can find in Atlanta.

437 Memorial Drive, 404-815-9886, octanecoffee.com; littletartatl.com