How to spend a weekend in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

With ski slopes, stylish shops, and history walks, this four-season vacation town charms visitors at every turn.

Everything you wanted to know about Cheerwine, an iconic Southern soda

Created in 1917 in Salisbury, North Carolina, Cheerwine owes its abundant popularity, in part, to a time of scarcity.

12 top restaurateurs share great Southern bites and sites

Forget Yelp reviews, travel guides, or tracking down that random colleague’s Instagram post. We have your notes right here—on where to go and what to order when traveling—from some of the South’s most acclaimed chefs, unlocking the secrets of their hometowns.

The history of the South’s unique style of folk pottery

Emblazoned with features both grotesque and enigmatic, face jugs are a style of folk pottery primarily concentrated in Georgia and the Carolinas. Though these vessels have ties to many cultures, past and present, the...

Have a blue-ribbon day at the North Carolina State Fair

First hosted in 1853, the 11-day gathering is the state’s biggest event, featuring carnival rides, colorful games, indulgent foods, and more.

My South: Comedian Fortune Feimster on Belmont, North Carolina

Growing up in Belmont, I couldn’t wait to get out. It was small. We were a dry county, so we couldn’t even get a chain restaurant to open there. My friends and I hung out in a church parking lot and jogged up and down the street for fun.

By Design: 36 of the South’s architectural wonders

As much as we love the South's quintessential clapboard churches and stately mansions, our appreciation of Southern architecture extends beyond the classics. We‘ve combed the region for noteworthy structures, from historical masterpieces like Thomas Jefferson‘s Palladian Monticello to modern marvels like the breezy, zero-energy McDonald‘s Florida flagship (yes, McDonald’s).

Chef Spotlight: Shane Ingram of the Restaurant, in Durham, NC

He founded Durham’s much-lauded Four Square Restaurant and, before that, served as executive chef at North Carolina’s acclaimed Fearrington House. Now, Ingram has taken over the kitchen at the Restaurant at the Durham

Hail to the Queen: Why we’re loving Charlotte now

It’s never a bad time to visit North Carolina’s largest city, but lately, Charlotte is on a roll. From a new pro soccer team and groundbreaking Picasso exhibition to the buzzy Camp North End development, the Queen City seems to have something for everyone.

Every summer, visitors to the Blue Ridge Mountains are treated to this stunning show of color

Called the “King of Shrubs,” the rhododendron loves high altitudes; it’s the national flower of Nepal and a familiar sight in the Southern Appalachians, where blossoms of white, pink, red, and purple paint the tallest slopes in the eastern United States.

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