Campus Ambassador: Sarah Richardson, Mercer University

Freshman, global health major from Atlanta
What’s to love about your school?
Despite Mercer’s small size, it still has the same resources as a larger university without being overwhelming. There are more than enough activities to get involved in, both on campus and in Macon. Mercer’s size is one of its best features, because no matter where you go, you’ll always see a familiar face as well as someone you don’t know.

What could be better?
Honestly, the only thing that I think could be improved is the food.

Where’s the best place to hang out?
There isn’t one best place to hang out, but many. One of the top spots is the University Center (the UC), which contains the gym, basketball arena, intramural courts, and a food court. Another great place is Jittery Joe’s, the coffee shop located right across the street.

What’s the best class?
It’s hard for me to say since I’m only a freshman, but my favorite class this year is our First Year Seminar. It’s basically an English class, but a lot more fun. Because it’s a seminar and not a lecture-based class, there is a lot more discussion between students. The small size allows each person to voice his or her opinion about the books and excerpts we have read.

How would you rate interaction with professors?
The professors are very accessible. Having small classes gives you the opportunity to develop personal relationships with the professors, and many of them invite students to their homes for dinner and participate with students in activities outside the classroom.