Eleven foodie flicks from the last three years

Food and wine hit the big screen

1021chefposterWe’ve seen a rush of culinary-themed films hit the big screen in the last few years. Fact, fiction, or a mixture of both, here are eleven picks that will stir the appetite and call for a drink.


The Hundred-Foot Journey
Based on the novel by Richard Morais, The Hundred-Foot Journey tells the story of an Indian family who struggles to open a restaurant in France—directly across the street from a traditional, Michelin-starred spot.

Directed by Jon Favreau, this comedy-drama documents a chef who quits his high-profile job to open a food truck—and then invites his ex-wife and child along for the journey.

Trip to Italy
Two men embark on a road trip through Italy, eating their way from Liguria to Capri and cracking jokes as they go.


Final Recipe
An emotional family tale, Final Recipe follows Mark, who enters a cooking contest in Shanghai in an effort to save his grandfather’s floundering restaurant.

Red Obsession
As China’s thirst for top-tier French wine grows, an entire industry faces the challenge of supply, demand, and skyrocketing prices.

Director Jason Wise documents the obsessive journey of four sommeliers studying to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam.


Haute Cuisine
A simple woman (played by Catherine Frot) living in a small town is selected to be the personal chef for the president of France. A jealous (and male) kitchen staff fights back.

Le Chef
Classic or contemporary? Sauces or foams? Jean Reno plays a respected chef trying to breathe new life into a restaurant seen as outdated.

Now, Forager
Perhaps one of the first motion pictures to focus on the trend of foraging, Now, Forager follows a married couple who makes their living selling mushrooms to restaurants. When one partner suddenly wants something more, each must determine what is most important.

Step Up To The Plate/Entre Les Bras
Filmed over the course of a year, this documentary captures the worries and struggles of father-and-son French chefs Michel and Sebastien Bras at their Michelin-rated restaurant.

Spinning Plates
From Tucson, Ariz., to Chicago, to Iowa, three disparate people have one thing in common: their belief in the power of food. This documentary showcases their stories of survival.