How do you make lemon pepper wet wings from FX’s Atlanta? This YouTuber will show you.

Binging with Babish tackles our beloved pop culture export
How to make lemon pepper wet wings Atlanta
Binging with Babish shows how to create Atlanta’s lemon pepper wet wings

Screenshot via YouTube

Andrew Rea, better known as Binging with Babish, has more than one million YouTube subscribers thanks to his viral cooking videos that demonstrate how to make foods from movies and TV shows. He has showed viewers how to create Ross’s Thanksgiving “moistmaker” sandwich from Friends, Carol’s beet and acorn cookies from The Walking Dead, and Spongebob’s famous Krabby Patty. Today he published a video on how to make the lemon pepper wet wings that entranced Paper Boi and Darius on Atlanta.

Rea did his homework before attempting to recreate this local staple. (In another recent video on our lemon pepper obsession, city councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms even remarked, “Lemon pepper wings are Atlanta.”) While Paper Boi and Darius feast upon the wings at J.R. Crickets, which feature buffalo sauce and lemon pepper sprinkles, Atlanta writer Stephen Glover was actually inspired by the lemon pepper wings at American Deli, which are made with butter and lemon pepper. In his video, Rea makes both varieties, even mentioning that the J.R. Crickets wings were originally listed on the menu as “fester” wings. (The name was changed to “lemon pepper wet” once Atlanta‘s popularity skyrocketed.)

Rea also shows viewers how to make their own lemon pepper seasoning, although he admits it’s not worth the time and effort versus just picking up a bottle of McCormick from the grocery store. (For what it’s worth, if you’re a true Atlanta enthusiast, J.R. Crickets sells its lemon pepper seasoning at the counter of its North Avenue restaurant.)

Check out the full recipe video below: