Shaun’s Restaurant to close December 18

James Oxendine passed along this news just now: Shaun Doty’s Inman Park restaurant is closing. I’m bummed: We were planning to name Shaun’s as Best Brunch in our upcoming Best Of issue. Eat there on a Sunday morning before mid-December to see why. Here’s hoping Doty puts chopped liver and duck fat fries on Yeah! Burger’s menu. The official press release from Melissa Libby’s office is below:
Oct. 20, 2010 – Shaun Doty announced today that he is closing his four-year-old Shaun’s Restaurant after dinner on Sunday, Dec. 18. Doty plans to concentrate his time on the Yeah! Burger restaurants he and partner Erik Maier have opened in Atlanta .
“This was a hard decision in many ways,” Doty said. “But I believe it is better to focus my energy right now.”
“Yeah! Burger really speaks to my passion at this point in my life,” said Doty, the father of two sons, 7 and 11 months. “I like that it’s a place I can take my family and feel good about eating there. It has taken all the principles of the food at Shaun’s – fresh, quality ingredients purchased from people I know – and made it affordable,” he added.
Shaun’s will remain open with regular hours until the closing date. Doty does not rule out starting another fine dining restaurant or re-opening in the future.
(Photo credit: Benay Krissel for Tribal Chicken Designs Inc.)