Shell your fresh peas at the Brookhaven Farmers Market

Don and Maggie Mills of Mollyville Farms offer a shelling service on Saturday mornings
Photograph courtesy of Mollyville Farms

What’s more Southern than a bag of fresh-shelled field peas simmering in a rich potlikker? Varieties of these legumes—zipper, pinkeye purple hull, creams—debut in July and thrive well into fall. Most are sold in their shell, as dictated by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, but at Brookhaven Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, Mollyville Farms owners Don and Maggie Mills let you run your peas through their portable sheller after you pay for them. Shelled peas turn sour quickly, so keep them cold (bring a cooler to market if you can), and cook them within a day.

This article originally appeared in our July 2015 issue.