Mac McGee

The second location of this popular Irish pub (the first opened in 2010 on Decatur Square) is as jolly and convincing as the original, with quarters that aren’t quite so cramped. The screaming-red facade is hard to miss, even among the many restaurants that line the street. Once you are inside, head for the atmospheric second floor, which includes a plethora of cozy corners and an enchanting balcony. The food encompasses the usual shepherd’s pies and a full Irish breakfast that includes bangers (sausages) and both white and black pudding, but fun snacks such as boxty (a potato cake) with quail egg, house-ground pork meatballs with roasted apple, and mussels in creamy curry broth give the menu some depth. As you’re drinking slowly drawn pints of Guinness or perusing the selection of brown liquor listed in a thick tome, the place reminds you that Irish culture appeals well beyond Saint Patrick’s Day.