Yet Tuh

This pristine little spot, hidden in the back of a small commercial center off Buford Highway just outside the Perimeter, serves some of the freshest-tasting Korean food in the metro area. Blackened windows conceal the restaurant’s calm, neutral-toned interior draped with bamboo blinds.

You can skip over the esoteric-sounding ingredients (web-footed squid, horsetail fish, acorn jelly noodles) for more accessible dishes like chilled noodles with fresh vegetables, rich pork-on-the-bone soup, and savory mung bean pancakes. For a sustaining lunch, try the boribap—a combination of steamed rice and barley into which you mix a platter of vegetables and spoonfuls of soybean soup and bubbling tofu stew.

Among the banchan (a starter spread of small dishes) is an exceptionally fine version of spicy, unfermented kimchi. Excellent varieties of soju, a vodkalike spirit native to Korea made from rice or other grains, are served in metal teapots. As you leave, check out the two small cabanas beside the restaurant, used for outdoor dining in good weather.