9 Questions for Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor Candidates

BY - October 15, 2018

Georgia lieutenant governor candidates election 2018 Sarah Riggs Amico Geoff Duncan
Democratic candidate Sarah Riggs Amico and Republican candidate Geoff Duncan

Photographs courtesy of their respective campaigns

Jokingly referred to by political observers as “governor lite,” this elected position largely comes with two duties: step in if the governor can no longer serve and preside over the state Senate. But the latter offers a chance to guide and block policy; look no further than incumbent Casey Cagle’s work over the years on transportation funding and medical marijuana. Something to watch for next year when the Legislature convenes: Republican state senators have discussed paring back the lieutenant governor’s power to appoint committees and committee chairman in the upper chamber. Below, our 9 questions for each candidate and their responses, which have been edited for length and clarity.

  1. Sarah Riggs Amico (D)
  2. Geoff Duncan (R)