Men’s Style Guide: Fall 2016

BY - September 22, 2016

men's fashion guide fall 2016
Photograph by Ben Rollins
  1. Shopping under the influence: 4 Atlanta shops where you can suit up and drink whiskeyTrying on blazers is a lot more appealing when you can sip a single malt at the same time
  2. 3 pairs of jeans to wear this fallPonce Denim Company’s Farshad Arshid shares his favorites
  3. Local find: Ambos lace-up boots“Ambos is about both quality and economic empowerment for the artisans,” says founder Zach Hogue
  4. 9 stylish shirt and tie combos that are perfect for fallBonus: They’re all from local designers and retailers
  5. 5 great men's jackets from our favorite Atlanta shops
  6. How to grow a show-quality beardRob Hopper, of Commodore Tonsorial Parlor, shares his tips
  7. An Atlanta Hawk helped bring Swiss men's boutique Attom to townZola Dias was wavering between New York and Atlanta, but a serendipitous meeting with Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha sealed the deal
  8. 12 local leather men's accessories for fallThe best in Atlanta leather goods