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Kate Hayes
Kate Hayes

Photograph courtesy of Kate Hayes

Entryway and parlor, 402 Ashley Avenue

“Context is important,” says Kate Hayes, who designed this entryway and parlor. “The Old Fourth Ward is an interesting neighborhood, because you have these modern homes being built, but it’s a neighborhood with rich history that’s important to acknowledge.” Hayes says the entryway, especially the artwork, should remind you of where you are.

Hayes liked the parlor for its unusual angles. “That already gives the room some personality,” she says. From there, she applied her curated eclecticism to making the room feel luxurious (the walls are painted a smoky blue) without taking itself too seriously (vintage chairs bring a thrown-together vibe). “I wanted it to feel like this moody room where you could find someone playing checkers,” says the designer, who is an Atlanta native. After working in New York in fashion, she transitioned into interiors and moved back to Atlanta in 2013.

Hayes’s style

Photograph by Mikael Kennedy

Photograph by Kristen Wade

Photograph by Chad Mellon

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