Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus share the love at Walker Stalker Con

But according to Reedus, the well-known bromance is really a threesome

The brotherly bond between The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus is so ubiquitous that even their Walker Stalker Con appearance was billed as the “Bromance Panel.” But when Lincoln arrived to Saturday’s event, he greeted a packed room of screaming fans not with Reedus, but with executive producer/director Greg Nicotero.

Photograph courtesy of Walker Stalker Con
Photograph courtesy of Walker Stalker Con

“This is the original bromance right here,” Lincoln declared to the room of hundreds at Downtown’s AmericasMart as he and Nicotero took a seat on stage. And when Reedus arrived seconds later, cozying up next to Lincoln in an oversized camping chair, he took the relationships one step further. “The bromance is kind of a threesome, to be honest.”

Without a doubt, love was the theme of the day, not just between the cast members but also between Lincoln and Reedus and their adoring fans. Throughout the 40-minute panel, fans were invited to line up to ask questions, and the overwhelming majority requested hugs and high-fives, inquiries the actors never refused. Early in the panel, they invited a 7-year-old girl up on stage for a hug, and then asked her mother to come on up as well. When the mom was asked if she had any questions, she replied, “No, I’m just so glad I gave birth!” (Lincoln joked afterward, “That’s the first woman I’ve ever met to say that.”)

One woman asked Lincoln if she could be Rick’s new wife on the show. A teenage girl went so far as to ask Reedus for a date on her 18th birthday. Reedus playfully dodged the question, but gave her a kiss on the cheek and quipped, “Wow, I love Georgia.”

The other hot topic of the panel was Andrew Lincoln’s beard, or rather, his lack of beard, as the actor showed up significantly more clean-shaven than his current TV counterpart. Reedus joked (we hope) that he had the shaved stubble in a Ziploc bag in his freezer and was using it to create clones. Lincoln joked (again, we hope) that Steven Yeun (a.k.a Glenn) was somewhere sticking the beard on his own face.

Lincoln couldn’t really discuss the whereabouts of Rick’s facial hair, but he did reveal that the big shave will occur on camera. And in perhaps the panel’s most adorable moment, the final question of the day went to a little girl who asked if Lincoln would re-grow his beard.

“Anything for you,” he said, “Especially with that stabby Merle arm thing,” he nodded at her costume of Merle’s bayonet prosthesis, a popular accessory at the convention.