Our favorite write-in votes from Atlanta’s 2017 elections

Elmo can’t be the mayor of Atlanta, but someone voted for him anyway
Atlanta election write-in funny
Neither Beyoncé, Killer Mike, Matt Ryan, Mickey Mouse, or a piece of sushi will be the next mayor.

Beyonce: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS; Killer Mike: Sean Rayford/Getty Images; Sushi: Alexander Spatari via Getty Images; Matt Ryan: Tom Pennington/Getty Images; Mickey Mouse: Chloe Rice/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Atlantans like to get creative when they don’t like their voting options.

Sure, the majority of voters in the November 7 election used the write-in option the appropriate way: voting for a person whose name didn’t appear on the ballot. But many voters decided to use that option to cast a political statement or to just be plain facetious. We sorted through the complete list of write-in votes recorded from all of the November 7 elections in Fulton County—these are our favorites:

Fictional characters
Because who wouldn’t want Lord Voldemort or Darth Vader as mayor of Atlanta?

• Donald Duck
• Daffy Duck
Leeroy Jenkins (which, on the ballot, was actually spelled in various forms of “Leeroy Jenkinnnsssss!”)
• Micky Mouse
• Minnie Mouse
• Elmo
• Batman
• Bugs Bunny
• Moby Dick
Leslie Knope
• Santa Claus
• Harry Potter
• Madea
• Homer Simpson
• Mayor Quimby
• Mario
• Luigi
• Pokemon Trainer Red
• Snoopy

Famous folks
Some voters kept it local, voting for Donald Glover, Andre 3000 and Big Boi, Killer Mike, Quavo and Migos, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, John Lewis, Dennis Schroder, Arthur Blank, and Ryan Gravel. Some voted for other politicians, such as Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama. Some referenced people in the news—Colin Kaepernick, Harvey Weinstein, and “Doald Trump Jr.” Others just wanted to mess around.

• George Washington
• Michael Jackson
• Chuck Norris
• Beyoncé
• Rihanna
• Mick Jaggar
• Elvis
• Oprah
• Sir Elton John
• Herschel Walker
• Quentin Tarantino
• Tom Hanks
• Nick Chubb
• Lil Uzi Vert
• Kevin Durant
• Bob Ross
• Kanye West
• LeBron James
• Tim Tebow
• Dennis Rodman
• Quest Love

Some voters wrote in more serious statements as a way to highlight issues in the community or voice their opinion against candidates. Some were just plain silly, too.

• No more development and no trains!
• Stop development it will ruin our great community
• Please stop building
• Stop overdevelopment
• Stop destroying Alpharetta
• Not sure of these candidates
• Someone who isn’t a sell-out, please
• #NotMyMayor
• God help us
• Not you
• Anyone else
• Anyone but Trump
• You all suck
• Your momma
• Come on now
• Me
• Myself
• Me, myself, and I
• Someone less crooked
• Change
• My dog
• My god
• None of the above
• None of these
• None of this BS
• Don’t know
• Dunno
• No
• In God we trust
• Random person
• More choices please
• Waste of time
• Protest vote
• Bleh
• Freedom

Just . . . why?
Then there are the write-ins that make you scratch your head. Some are immature, some weird, others reference political memes. We’ll let the votes speak for themselves on this one.

• Coongress Coousrlboardd
• Baby sniff
• Boogerfoot
• Brrrrdie
• Doodoo
• Eat my shorts
Deez Nuts
• Sushi
• Four Loko
• Jesse the Dog
• Louie the Papillion
• A rabbit
• Boo
• Old dirt road
• Money
• Lamentations
• Chicken
• Whiskey
• Peanut
• Hungry for lunch
• November